Courses at VUC Syd

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At VUC Syd we teach everything from basic reading, writing and arithmetic to subjects at the highest secondary/high school level. Our focus is on organising courses of education that suit our students' aspirations for the future. We are also flexible, which is why we also offer online courses via Here the student is not bound by school timetables, but can go online, receive tuition and do his assignments at a time that suits him.

General Adult Education (avu)

The General Adult Education Program (avu) is for those who need an educational qualification to improve their job prospects, go on to vocational training or take the Higher Preparatory Examination.

Preparatory Adult Education and Dyslexia Tuition (Læs-e)

Our Preparatory Adult Education Program (FVU) and dyslexia tuition is via Læ

Læs-e provides flexibility for students who want to improve their basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic.

Students are offered a personal reading coach who guides them throughout the course in which the iPad is an important teaching aid.

Higher Preparatory Examination (hf)

The Higher Preparatory Examination (hf) is an upper secondary/high school course, which provides access to higher education.

The course is a two-year program where students are taught a number of compulsory subjects, with the option of choosing other subjects that they might need to be admitted to a particular course. In this way they can prepare for vocational training for various professions.

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