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We all know about school and every one of us has attended at least one. It is a concept that is so entrenched in our society’s culture and is so ingrained a tradition that any new interpretations are not easily accepted. So the simple and safe solution is to stick to the familiar. But is that acceptable?

At VUC Syd the answer is no. We believe that educational institutions should be centres of innovation; places of creative possibilities and an impetus for the future.

Take a look in this video:

A school of the future

our innovative learning and teaching

Learning for the future

Have a look at our iBook textbook about our innovative learning and teaching.

Visit vuc syd

Would you like to learn more about our one-to-one iPad programmes, our open innovative learning environments or our iBook textbook approach to learning?

Then simply book a visit to VUC Syd, adult education centre in Haderslev. Here we can put together a programme to suit your requirements.

For example, we can offer:

Presentation / Discussion - Change Management

The Executive Board of VUC Syd is available for presentations on the topic of change management. Learn more about the transition from a traditional school to a modern educational institution. What were the challenges associated with adopting the iPad and the changes in teaching methodology? After the presentation there will opportunity for a Question & Answer session.

1:1 Concept and Teaching with iPads

All our students and staff work with iPads. Learn about the ideas that lay behind the decision to use iPads, why VUC Syd thinks this has been good idea and what it has produced in positive benefits for students and staff.

iBooks Concept

iPads have become central to teaching at VUC Syd. Since we had a long established practice of producing much of our own teaching material, it was a natural progression for us to develop iBooks textbooks specifically for iPads. This became our impetus for publishing iBooks textbooks under the name VUC LighthousePublish. Learn more about how we produce our iBooks textbooks and experience for yourself the many possibilities they open up.

iTunes U Courses

At VUC Syd teachers work together on developing learning courses covering all subjects and levels taught at VUC Syd. They are produced as iTunes U courses and they all draw on VUC Syd's own iBooks. These courses are designed to support the way teaching and learning is conducted at VUC Syd - the students being knowledge producers, solving real-world challenges, creating digital products and communicating their findings via social media etc. 
The students benefit greatly from this, yet so do the teachers who work together on creating these courses. 


FlowFactory, which opens its doors in August 2016, is a new and unique course of study for the national Higher Preparatory Examination. It is Denmark's first project-based learning education at this level with a focus on innovation, digital technology and app development. Here we encourage curiosity, creativity and independent thought and our aim is to give our students a high level of expertise in digital entrepreneurship and creative problem solving.

Learning Zones and Teaching Methodology

The new learning initiatives at VUC Syd have required changes to the physical learning environment. The new learning environment has given us: Group Zones, Instructional Zones, Dialogue Zones and Silent Zones. Learn how our unique learning environment has a positive effect on the academic performance of our students.

General Guided Tour (max. 10 persons in each group)

We take you on a fascinating tour of our unique building. You will be shown around all the floors where the various subjects are taught as well as the staff floor, giving you an insight into how a modern educational institution functions. Learn how we utilise the building both for students and staff as well as external visitors, about the building’s artwork and the role the Culture Café plays in the life of the college.

Attending Lessons

You can also attend teaching activities at VUC Syd. Observe, hear and experience how our teachers work with our students, how the learning zones are used to enhance the learning experience and not least the way iPads are used in lessons.

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What does it cost?

The cost for a day's visit is 400 DKK per person (exclusive of tax) although we have a minimum charge of 12,000 DKK. The price includes various presentations and a guided tour of the building as well as other areas of interest you may have selected.

There is an additional cost for catering.

Special group rates (over 40 people) can also be arranged.

Contact us

Please contact us at least two weeks before the time you would like to visit, so we can put together the best possible programme for you.

If you have questions or special requests concerning a programme, then please let us know. We look forward to your visit.

Executive secretary Lise Overgaard Lauritsen
phone: +45 7361 3434
mobile: +45 2485 3413